Signature Resolution has experienced judges and lawyers to provide mediation and arbitration services.



At Signature Resolution, we’re setting a new standard in alternative dispute resolution. From our thoughtful approach to selecting neutrals to our welcoming, luxurious offices, everything we do is centered around creating an exceptional experience.



Signature Resolution carries on the tradition of our founding partners—a group that saw an opportunity to elevate the level of service and hospitality in the alternative dispute resolution industry. We continue to be guided by their vision and commitment today.

Signature Resolution provides legal neutrals and experts for mediation and arbitration dispute solutions.



Signature Resolution is a vital part of the communities of Los Angeles and Century City in California.

Our work reflects the principles that guide us as a company: ethics, innovation, neutrality, experience, and results. We believe in serving the legal community and the communities around us, and we’re proud to give back to organizations that share our values.

+ Other groups that serve minority and underprivileged communities




A confidential and nonbinding process. Our trained mediators will facilitate dialogue between the parties and counsel and assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution.


A dispute resolution process in which the parties agree, usually by contract, to use a neutral arbitrator, selected by both litigants, to hear the merits of the case and decide the outcome without proceeding to court. Depending on the nature of the parties’ arbitration agreement, Signature Resolution may use a single neutral arbitrator or a panel of three arbitrators to hear the dispute.

Special Master Assignments

Appointed pre-trial, during trial, or post-trial, our “special master,” or referee in federal court, will carry out an action on the Court’s behalf. This action may be as varied as the actions taken by the Court.

Discovery References

Signature Resolution’s neutral will hear and determine discovery motions and disputes in pending court actions, and then report their findings and make recommendations to the Court. This is especially important in complex matters. Discovery referees may be hired directly by the parties to assist them with working through discovery disputes. As an alternative, they may also be appointed by the Court, by mutual agreement, or after being compelled by a Court order.

Judicial References

The parties may decide to have their dispute heard by a private judicial referee, acting under the auspices of the Court in which the matter is pending. Signature Resolution’s judicial referees hear, determine, and then report their decision back to the court in a pending action. The referee performs all the functions of the judge, under appointment, in a private, comfortable setting designed with the parties’ privacy and convenience in mind.

Judge Pro Tem

At Signature Resolution, as a judge pro tem, experienced retired judicial officers will preside over family law or civil law cases after stipulation by the parties. The standards of proof at these trials are the same as in a public trial, and the outcome is enforceable in appellate courts. The Superior Court approves of the parties’ stipulation.

Parenting Plan Coordinator (PPC)

At Signature Resolution, as a Parenting Plan Coordinator, a neutral, attorney, or retired Judicial Officer, is appointed by the Court by stipulation of the parties to resolve disputes between parents concerning the clarification, implementation, and adaptation of a court-ordered parenting plan.

Appellate Consultation

Our neutrals are available to work with individual parties as independent consultants to help them create and develop effective appellate strategies. The neutral will work directly with the party to evaluate appellate arguments, offer assistance with briefs, and help develop effective appellate tactics and presentations.

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE)

Have a neutral mediator consider either party’s position and render an evaluation during a confidential session in which both parties submit their cases.

Mock Trial

Our neutrals are available to simulate a lower-court trial in which counsel can test theories, practice presentation skills, and receive valuable feedback on their arguments and approach.

Virtual Dispute


Signature Resolution can do in-person arbitration and mediation, but we also have virtual services you can use.

Resolve your dispute from anywhere with our Virtual Dispute Resolution services. Through online mediation, our neutrals resolve your case on a secure video platform while maintaining your privacy.

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