SR Global

Signature Resolution Global is the most advanced case management system in the industry, giving you the information you need about your ongoing cases. Log in now to see your personalized updates.


Intuitive interface, designed around you 

Signature Resolutions has the most advanced ways available so you can stay up to date on the status of your case.

Easy To Use

SR Global is sleek and modern, with an intuitive interface that lets you instantly search your case history and find answers quickly.

Secure Cloud Storage

With SR Global, documents pertaining to your case are stored safely in the cloud and protected by state-of-the-art digital security. Access and download your files from anywhere.

The SR Global case management solution from Signature Resolution is one of the most advanced systems around.

Safely stored documents, accessed from anywhere 

Easily send messages or view schedules  

The SR Global case management system is safe and secure and provided by Signature Resolution to make communication easier.

Built-In Communication

Use SR Global to quickly send messages to Signature Resolution or to opposing counsel. Plus, view a schedule of your upcoming hearings and events.


  • Upload and download case information
  • See document due dates
  • View hearing dates and locations
  • View and pay invoices
  • Contact case administrators and opposing counsel
  • Access your personal support code for secure, instant screen sharing with your dedicated case administrator

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