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September 22, 2020

Signature Resolution Expands Nationwide with Virtual Mediation Services

LOS ANGELES – Sept. 24, 2020 – Signature Resolution, an alternative dispute resolution firm comprised of Southern California’s most respected neutrals, is now resolving disputes nationwide. Signature Resolution’s panelists continue to serve as mediators, arbitrators, private judges and special masters. By leveraging Zoom and other secure videoconferencing platforms, they have been providing attorneys and their clients around the country with the same high levels of service, privacy and security that can be expected from in-person hearings.


Signature Resolution has held all hearings virtually since California stay at home orders went into effect. The shift to virtual operations has proven to be both efficient and effective, with a success rate on par with in-person hearings.


“The pandemic has given us the opportunity to help resolve disputes outside of California,” said Dario Higuchi, managing member of Signature Resolution. “We’ve been seeing increased demand from firms around the country.”


Signature Resolution has panelists whose areas of expertise cover virtually every civil practice area, including business and commercial contracts, employment, entertainment, family law, intellectual property and patent, mass tort, personal injury, trusts and estates, real estate, securities and more.


Signature Resolution’s offices have also been outfitted as “Zoom Rooms” as they anticipate continued demand for remote and hybrid-style hearings once offices reopen.


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