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March 2, 2020 | GREG DAVID DERIN, ESQ.

Sunk Costs: How your mediator can help you avoid eating liver and onions

Driven by loss aversion, wars have been fought due to what is known as the “sunk cost fallacy.” Everything from my mother’s meatloaf, to a movie ticket, an outdated cellphone, to billions of dollars in…..

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February 22, 2020

There’s No Crying in Baseball – Unless You’re Cheated

A. Bartlett Giamatti, the late commissioner of Major League Baseball, Yale professor and baseball philosopher second only to Yogi Berra, once wrote: “Baseball has the largest library of law and love and custom and ritual,…..

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February 20, 2020 | BRUCE ISAACS, ESQ.

Does a Non-Managing Member of an LLC Owe a Fiduciary Duty to the Other Members?

A typical situation which often finds its way into mediation: (1) two or more “partners” form a business venture together; (2) rather than form a venture as a general partnership or corporation, they form the…..

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February 4, 2020 | HON. SUZANNE H. SEGAL (RET.)

Retired Magistrate Judge Suzanne H. Segal Joins Signature Resolution

LOS ANGELES – January 29, 2019 –Signature Resolution is proud to announce the addition of Hon. Suzanne H. Segal (Ret.) to its panel. Judge Segal will serve as a mediator and arbitrator resolving patent, trademark,…..

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January 7, 2020 | HON. EDWARD A. FERNS (RET.)

Retired Superior Court Judge Edward A. Ferns Joins Signature

LOS ANGELES – Jan. 7, 2020 – Signature Resolution is proud to announce the addition of Hon. Edward A. Ferns (Ret.) to its panel. Judge Ferns will serve as a mediator resolving employment, business, real property,…..

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